Thursday, August 09, 2007

out to the studio

I have been mulling over a new series of work for some time, had 90% of

what I wanted in my mind but just could not find the twist to make it feel right.

I was very inspired by Dixie Brown, a lady I met in San Francisco and her response to the war on terror- her bombs were very elegant but also very directly speaking of her concerns, yet they had a beauty and humor in their production.

I try to speak of the Earth in my work, my concerns for its state, the fact we all share the same back yard which is Mother Earth... after meeting Dixie I wanted to do a series that spoke more directly....
I liked the feel of the last series I did[ the pic above is a whole heap of the pieces before framing] they record places I have visited- I was trying to give an overall impression of the same but different. When we realise that about the world- WE ARE ALL THE SAME INSIDE it is just our outward circumstances that vary it is easier to think of pulling together rather than fracturing into parts.
lofty ideals, how to subtly but strongly put it into my work? the agony of trying to sort it through [ a good stretch really trying to unearth a new is so easy to stay in what you have done before]
you have to draw people in to look, think, feel. I don't think standing on a soap box and shouting is the way to get people to sit back and think and make the subtle shifts underlying the major changes we [as a whole earth] need.
yeh it is off to the studio!

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