Tuesday, September 04, 2007

24 August- Perth

24 August, 2007

I am in Perth today.
It was great to great to get on a plane and go somewhere.
I think I am a junky. I now love that feeling of walking down the ramp- you kind of disappear from the word, sit, do very little, snooze [ much less demanding than being anywhere else] people feed you and then later you walk up the ramp and a whole new word is out there.

A friend gave me a book to read “Eat, Pray, Love “by Elizabeth Gilbert.
It is excellent so far. It is autobiographical, and Elizabeth is in Rome. She is talking about the culture of Italians and how it is based on pleasure. Pleasure is an acceptable and desirable part of every day life and not something to feel guilty over.
She talks in there of the pleasure of easting a fine meal.
I was wondering about the experiene.
Having lived so many years feeding hungry boys and them now being huge, hungry teenagers, food has been all about getting a mountain ready and serving it up fast to be devoured.

My hosts here in Perth were going to their Mum’s for a celebratory dinner last night and kindly took me a long.
Well I can only say I got to experience first hand what Elizabeth was talking about. Such a pleasant evening, easy conversation a wonderful meal and very good company. Pleasure in large serves.

Just wonderful how the Univese [ God or what ever name] looks after you. I was reading that on the plane, wondering what it would feel like and that evening taken to a dinner that embodied what was described in the book.
Thank you for the experience.

I am thinking this book might be good to recommend for my tour clients, she very nicely talks of different cultural attitudes, and different paces of life. That is the first hurdle I face with my clients in India, slowing down in the first few days, getting used to the Indian pace and attitude to life.

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