Friday, March 21, 2008

Madrid- still -it is so exciting!

I was sitting watching everyone go by and realised I did not know much about the Christian Festival being celebrated.

As an ex-school teacher I must admit my biggest connection to it was the gap it made in the flow of your teaching schedule!
Friday off and not back at school until Wednesday....

so knowing I was coming to Spain around Easter time i thought it would have little impact on me as I fly out on Good Friday....idiot it is the time leading up to the crucial event that is recognized through festival and ritual!

That is nearly a full moon on the fitrst photo. Easter Sunday is after the first full moon after the Spring that is the indicator in the sky to time what is being celebrated.

Here in Madrid it just alive with people, so exciting- mostly locals and many.any foreigners all out and about, I could see locals calling into their local churches and then joining friends in caferterias for lots of chatting and snacking. These looked the most exciting places to be but were bursting with locals- no problem to elbow my way in and smaile.... problem was that many of the men favor really stinky smelling ciggarettes and it was just to much for me.

Most of Europe allows smoking in many locations- you just have to place yourself to avoid it...except it hard in confined spaces.
It is 12' C tonight so outrside was 'bracing'!

See that witch above= he/she was a street performer in the busy square of the Mayor[ below] She was so still but every time someone came to put money in her jar she would jump and scare them!!

such fun.

well this is the most exciting place this evening and everyone seems to know someone except me!
so thaqnk you for letting me bend your ear and Happy Easter!
Tomorrow is Good Friday I do hope I have my timing right!

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