Friday, March 21, 2008



Last day in Spain, I am back in Madrid which is quite different ot the towns of Andalusia.
They are all scented and rather relaxed -Madrid is full of excitment and activity!

you win some and you loose some.
I have been so busy organizing things for others and office work
I did not get much done along the lines of advance bookings for my little jaunt. This works well, I could fit in an impromptu visit to Morocco[ still so excited at the prospect of it!]

In Seville I ended up in a 4star hotel, outside of the interesting old area. it was very comfortable but also so cheap!!
they charged for internet access, and movies on the TV. For the prices they were charging that is just plain mean!!

Today I am in Madrid a much more modest 2 star establishment with all the amenities I need and no extra charges! It is right in the middle of town and excellent value.

The last photo is from my little balcony looking along the street.
I am 3 steps from the Plaza del Mayor which is full of cafes and musicians, these guys were playing excellent jazz.
sitting in the sun was a delight watching them and all the people strolling by.
Spain is excellent for promenading or watching others doing it! lovely relaxed pace.

that staircase is the way of getting to my hotel- thank goodness they also have a lift. It is a lovely old building on the edge of the Plaza del Sol.

The first picture is of a Museum to Ham- yes that is a correct translation. The Spanish are very serious about their ham, you can have it for every meal of the day,
the ceilings of shops are hung with ham stalegtites, and now a museum- absolutey crowded with people buying ham, taking a ham lunch or just getting a lungful of fresh ham scents.
If you are not careful to make sure you lookup a translation of the menu items [ where is my dictionary when I need it?] you will find you have ordered ham yet again in a different guise[ that has been my experience any way!]
I have had shredded ham with a fresh tomoto paste for breakfast.
ham and salad sandwiches, a ham type of pate/ meat paste with toast,
ham and scrambled eggs, ham tapas, I thought I was onto something different for lunch today and found I had ordered a toasted ham and cheese sandwixh!
I had dinner in a fish restaurant the other night, carefully ordered my dinner but still suspected there would be ham tucked into it my relief none.
The moral of the story is don't be proud use your dictionary!, practice the language because in Spain the chances are it is another version of the ham they are quite rightly very proud of!
I am finding the food at train and bus stations to be very good- it seems so strange saying that because it is not what I usually find.
I had a wonderful chicken stew the other day- juicy, olive oil, garlic and rosemary- wonderful.
many wonderful cafe solos [ wonderful rich short blacks- serious coffee hits!] and that excellent liquid chocolate- hot chocolate....
Starting to obsess over food- it is time to go out and find a last dinner and glass of wine for the minute anyway.
This is definitely a place to return to!
good food here- yum...
and then the little foray in Morocco seriuosly yummy too!

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