Friday, March 28, 2008

UK, snow and NY

my lovely friends, the bubbly Anne and Steve and the Indian feast we had just cooked

Snow everywhere Easter Sunday- magical when looking at it through the window

freezing when outside- It made my teeth ache when I laughed. of course I could not stop laughing!

27 March 2008

New York!
I just 4 lovely days with friends in the UK
Anne Bruntlett is a lovely, sparkly burst of energy and her husband Steve- a great cook by the way, has a great sense of mischief.
You know by his smile –he has something cheeky to say.

I really enjoy their company and it was so nice to be in a home, hang out, cook meals and… work.
Anne and I are working on the Tour “Indian Textiles Taster”.
It will be fun for anyone- that’s India for you, but we are putting together a bonus CD package to go with it suitable for teachers to enrich there lesson plans and classroom when they get back home.
Great to natter, share ideas, compile things to add in, look at advertising locations, write up more to do lists….

We also had time to brave the weather- a crisp spring or something they said- snow was falling out of the sky! half the time the wind was blowing it along horizontally….so confusing when they say spring, it does not tally with my concept at all.
Up to lovely Belgrave Street in Leicester we trundled for Indian lunch and to smell the Indian grocery store- I was rather homesick for those tastes and smells.
Then another night I could share with them some recipes I gathered in Kerala doing research for the Cooking and Spice Tour- we cooked up a feast.
Steve taught me to make paneer and iddli as well, so I am well happy, as before this I had only bought them.

All work in one way, building up recipes and techniques for the cooking tour- another day in the office, but what a few days! Steve has a wonderful palette and is like a walking encyclopaedia of food things so it was good to pick his brains, and yummy to eat the results. I think this is an example of having your cake and eating it, too! I was working during the visit but what fun as well. Thank you Universe for this type of office.

Oh yes and I went to Marks and Spencers for my Fair Trade, organic cotton Tshirts. Only 7pounds [less the AU$20] for long sleeve- so cheap and they DO NOT shrink or loose their shape. Cheaper and better quality than anything I can buy in Australia and good ethics as well…they do mail order.

Well I am in New York. WOW! Somewhere I have always wanted to visit.
Last night on arrival I was so tired all I could do was look out the window bleary eyed and think oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeehhhhh here I am- where is the pillow?
Truly that is not how I feel. I am now perky, have been since 4.00am and just waiting for things to start and lighten up to get out there. It seems the city rally does not sleep- lighs are on everywhere and things are happening out there. Delhi is a really bustling city, really bustling! sometimes but there is usually a lull around 3 and 4.00am. Not here so I am wondering what it will be like when the city wakes up.
Catching a train up State later to-day for a felting week end by a beautiful lake- really looking forward to it the scenery will be inspiring and we will be working with felt and impressions of landscape….Felt Impressions…I love that title as is it the response of the heart that so influences my view of the world.

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