Thursday, March 20, 2008


ancient tapestries

in the garden

a pool in the subteranean garden for hot summers..

from the roof of the cathedral

cathedral treasures, gold, emeralds, and diamonds...sparkling away...

19 March, 2008.

I arrived in Seville on a balmy afternoon, as I got off the bus I was greeted with the scent of Orange Blossom.

Seville seems a much bigger city than the others I have visited and is in the middle of its very special Holy Week Festivities, a Christian Easter Festival.
The whole city is alive with these festivals.
A bit of a shock at first as people taking part in the processions- penitents, I think- dress in a cassock with a pointed hood. Depending on which procession they are to join determines the colour of these garments- the first I saw were white and to my un-educated eye they looked like Ku Klux Klan. What a shock! Like the holy swastika of Hindu people I realise what a horrible perversion that terrorist group has made of outfits belonging to a Holy Procession.

Yesterday was warm and balmy, today cold and rainy, I did wonder if I should go out, another Palace and Cathedral and old part of the city to look at, more hotels to see, surely they must be similar to others of I have seen recently.

The Alcazar is so different and so delightful a Christian built palace, one of the major builders has decided to let the Moorish tastes influence his choices. Lovely airy rooms, opening onto orange blossom filled gardens, glorious tapestries, tiling and gardens, a delight to wander around. I quickly realised I was tired but not so jaded I could not be captivated by its charms.
After the palace you come to the gardens, wondrous, it was lightly raining so there was a fresh earthy scent along with the jasmine and orange blossom, other flowers will soon replace those, roses are starting to bloom, myrtle following on. I wonder what it will smell like next visit.

Later in the day visited the cathedral- this one was completely over built on a mosque, not much evidence of the mosque on the inside, except the tower which is really worth the long walk up for a view of the old city…just keep thinking 34. you have to be there to appreciate the significance! Some amazing stuff in the treasury as well.

I think visiting Spain is going to be a bit of a problem, thankfully it was raining so I did not have time for much looking but the local fashions here are a little more relaxed than French and nice and bright and could really suit a wandering Australian!

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