Sunday, April 20, 2008

San Diego...and a house moving sale

I am in lovely San Diego at the moment, charming place, great students...going to the desert tomorrow- very exciting
and am nearly back in Australia so looking forward to seeing boys and family

and dreading the packing up to move along. Still how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time, same with clearing out and packing!

Am having a house moving sale- look at my newly renovated site and find the sale page.

For anyone thinking of a website here are some notes I have made for a friend, they are so easy once you get started and you can fix them when you need to

Building a website with Yahoo site builder.

If you can use a word document or Microsoft publisher you can build a website.
I use yahoo because they have proved reliable, easy to use and a reasonable cost. They also host my website, everything meshes together well.

I can make changes when I want to and do not have the enormous cost of someone else building my site, and the delays in getting alterations done.

take time to map your website out on paper
time to work out a simple plan, an obvious layout so your info is easy for viewers to navigate.
how many pages do you want?
what name and information will those pages have?
what is the look you want for the site?
often good to have a ‘template’ that all pages will be based on, same colour background perhaps, name of site at top, buttons for moving through pages
something at the bottom? If you have this base it can be copied and placed on each page prior to entering its individual info.
It will look smoother as you flip through the site if there is a continuity of background not things jumping around.
People can look at the info you are sharing not spend all their time searching for it!

Pre-planning those details can save a lot of time putting the site together

go to
download sitebuilder

For this you do not have to pay money, you may have to have a yahoo ID, which is free.

When downloaded, programme
2. use the wizard on left side to start a new site.
3. open a new blank page [home page is always called INDEX and will be the first page a website opens at.
4. like publisher text is put in text boxes and can be moved around

Get this far and we will talk again….
email me for a nudge if you are ready
see ya

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