Wednesday, May 07, 2008

home at last I think?

A fruh fruh bag from Paris
Well I definitely am in Australia, is it home any more?- I don't know...I am relocating,
I spend so much time in other places...
the first week was a blur of not being able to sleep, deadlines for office work and then the pleasure of seeing boys and friends.
Now I have started sorting, packing, chucking out heaps and am getting ready to go off teaching....first up will be beady bangle bags...yeh i have seen so much popping into Paris and New York as I did-
I might have a chance to get some new samples to share. Will certainly have some good presents for some yound ladies of my acquaintance after that.
here a few pics of things to turn into cute little bags

My friend Robin playing the tourist in the most wonderful trim shop NY, we were playing spies I was trying to sneak a pic of their handle designs

some of Robins felted bracelets, as they wear they change colours- a lady of many wonderful ideas

spying again- a scarf in a shop window, little bits of organza stitched on- wonderful detail for bags and finally a traditional Morocan rug- I love it- Just like India too much sparkle and decoration is NOT enough...ideas in it would really suit some of the cute stuff in the shops in NY...

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