Thursday, May 29, 2008

home and away...again

It has been great and weird to be home, still getting used to being in the same location each day.
Wonderful to hang out with my mates, playing in the garden in our wonderful May Days...following are some things we have done with this new Freeze Dried Indigo I got in the States.

No brainer Indigo- just stir it up in warm water and you are away - no having to fiddle and adjust things just magical indigo colour

We tried some clamp resists
sorry about the repeat of the pretty I guess the Universe supplied you with a double dose!

first days dip hanging up to mature....

the vat- see the lovely greeny blue surface?
Indigo you do feel a bit like Macbeth's witches- has to be easy in, wait and admire then slip it out- ohh it is green, a slimy green
and then magically turns blue.
To get the right shade of blue you let things age a day or two and re-dunk...
fIt is fun, my mate Dawn comes over so we play together and in between have lunch and chat- I really miss her when I am away and love to take every opportunity to soak up her presence when here.
Strange packing, letting go of many things and deciding what to keep, all these things that come out of the woodwork- [like ex-husbands still being their 'charming' self trying to suck on]
It goes to show when you want to set things aside you do have to be very careful you don't subconciously miss them somehow and they will drag on behind.
I have had months living out of 1 small suitcase and time to think of what I will keep, I really don't miss much at all of home [except my wonderful bys and friends] yet now I am sorting out the details it is amazing how hard it is to let go...and these are just things!
We are the same with our affections and emotional connections positive and negative.
Good for the positive things but the negative ones if not binned will follow as well. I have been upset by some of the stuff the ex still keeps trying to dump and have been very careful with myself at an emotional level not to get hooked into it. What you think about, obsess over even, what goes around and around in YOUR mind will hang around you.

If you think you can do it, or think you can’t
- you’re probably right
-Henry Ford
I take it to mean what you think it what you if I allow myself to be dragged into his angry little world that is what mine will become like as well.
Major spring cleaning at any season of the year is a good thing- there is a wonderful world out there- clearing out the garbage just makes it so much easier to connect up with it!!
I'm open to it!!

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