Monday, May 12, 2008

home and getting away/Shakti school fees

It is nice to be in the same place for a change, for most of the day...I do miss wondering what is just around the corner, though and get lonely in the evening when i chill out. It is OK when I am busy to distract myself.
I have statred packing
my house is for sale- includes well trained studio!

It is good to go through everything and examine why I have it, keep somethings
and get rid of so much excess baggage. The boys are funny, there are just a few things they want me to put aside and are happy to think of visiting me where ever in the world I might be- good lads.

Shakti Project is in need of funds for school fees. I am selling anything any one wants from my website - proceeds to pay for school fees.
please have a look and make a reasonable offer- the money goes to a good cause,
you get something nice and I won't have to pack it!
always on the look out for fund raising ideas- do send them along

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