Friday, August 22, 2008

Festival of Quilts

If only we had smell-o-rama on the internet.
This is what I imagined an English summer to be like- gentle warmth and sweet scents.
We were in the Leicester Botanic Gardens
this bank of lavender was buzzing with the joy of warmth and the smell was sweet, sweet lavendar and experience to last a lifetime!

Foxy Loxy my friends call this- The Foxton Locks, with occasional showers...

14 August
Festival of Quilts- Birmingham http://www.twistedthread.comm/
Great event, huge mind you, so you need to be prepared! My friend Anne and I thought we had seen all the exhibits, then I had to wander through again later for a cuppa with Magie Relph [of African Fabric Shop fame ] and realised I had missed things.
What was I do having a cuppa with Magie? You might well ask…we are cooking up ideas together for a trip to West Africa.
The universe is a wonderful place- Magie is a friend of Dijanne Cevaal [who is a friend of mine], Dijanne knew she would be seeing Magie when she is teaching in France very soon and was going to ask her about contacts in West Africa…days before I left Australia Magie wrote to Dijanne saying she had heard of Creative Arts Safaris and was thinking she would contact me for a chat…I was just running out the door to Festival of Quilts- Birmingham where she was also going to be… needless to say we met for tea and talk.
How is that for a big fat dose of synchronicity??
Rather wonderful I would say.
sorry about the blurry photo - you can see why I focus on textiles, my friend Anne and I picking blackberries in the hedgerow, hours before I hit the warmth of Spain[ both summer pics...]
yum, yum, yum

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Anonymous said...

well you have certainly got some awesome pix there, from interesting places, the Dye pits look amazing