Monday, September 08, 2008

Carpets of Morocco

Carpets are every where and they are wonderful-

Magic Carpets even...

this is one of the hotels I am using- I wanted to pack their rugs and take them with me!!

This is the famous cactus silk- it makes a tough carpet with a lovely subtle sheen.

Khalid here is demonstarting how tough attempting to burn ir with his lighter.

Always a place for showmanship!

I really wanted to simply look at the colour and design.

This is a rafia carpet made in the Erfoud region,
used by nomads originally it has a lovely raised wool decoration.

Carpet stall in a souk out in the sticks...

Roadside on the Eastern side of Morocco, just past the area know as the road of 1000 Kasbahs...I don't think that was an exageration by the way.

I am not a shopper, I get all anxious about which one, but I do like to look at good things, Parveen on the other hand likes to shop.
It can be a bit hard some day when we are so opposite in this respect, but I can't wait to have him here next year and set him to work, I want a beautiful selection of carpets, thank you very much!
well I have had my afternnon rest- time to wander down to the Jemaa al Fna Square- this enormous square was declared by UnESCO as a world oral heritage site- for all the entertainment, story telling a "life" that happens there- great place for an afternoon coffee.

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