Saturday, September 06, 2008


Olives come in so many shapes and sizes,
none are bottled or have things done to them to make them store they always taste so fresh [ as a preserved food I did not realise the was we get them back home makes such a difference]

Trees grow everywhere [ this image is sideways by the way- just tilt your head to the left to see them hanging properly]
Every restaurant and most homes will offer olives before anything else, some times plain but most often marinated.
Two marinades that stand out...
1.mixture of green and purple olives in finely chopped preserved lemon rind, fresh corriander, lemon jiuce and Olive oil and perhaps a smidgeon of fresh red onion dice...
2. these babies- green olives plus parsley, garlic and cumin powder [goodly dash of it] pounded together in a mortor and pestle or buzzed in the blender. great!
Donkey parking lot outside Rissani market...transport has to wait somewhere

tastiest melons- these yellow ones- crisp sweet and a great way to finish a meal .
Dates to follow then some carpets- oh boy and shoes....
I am off to Marrakech today [the fancier CTM bus service so my knees should not get such a pounding] so more souks etc to report on....
another hard day in the office.

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