Monday, September 08, 2008

scurilous gossip and other juicy titbits...

This is shocking to me...
I know it happens but to come across it I felt disappointed in womanhood.
In Fez and the east of the country you feel like you are in another world, few tourists and people living their type of life but as you head to the west side, the Atlantic coast and Marrakech then things start to change....many foreigners and the locals attitude takes a dive.

More hassling and give me, give me...but worst of all is sexual tourism...
European women come here for men [ or more like young men] to make "friends" whilst on holiday.
In a guest house I was staying in a group of 4 arrived [2 older women and 2 around my age] of the younger ones asked the owner to have a room on a different floor to her mother and friend so when they were entertaining in the evening [wink, wink!] her mother would not notice!!
They were around my age- a lot more groomed than me [ in Australia we have an expression 'mutton dressed up as lamb'....]
Brazen hussy!
This happens a lot in South East Asia with men being the predators...why do people do it?
Might be a pleasant bit of activity BUT it is people and their lives it is impacting on.
Itis generally westerners behaving in this manner, you can see what a bad impression it creates in the eyes of any moral community...if I saw my boys being enticed away to the bright lights, and easy money and low moral standards of this behaviour I would be furious.
So whilst Essaouira and Marrakech are beautiful and a bit of fun- they are not the REAL place at all.
You would probly not noticed this going on, I heard the women talking and asked Mohamed who filled me in on the is a common phenomena, and explained some of the pick up lines I heard in the coast side- "Oh please I am old enough to be your mother! How disgusting!"

More interesting gossip- the movie presently being filmed in Ouzazate is The Price of Persia should be a bit of fun to see. So many movies made of on the east side most epics with sand really since Lawrence of Arabia [ I should see that, research for weird knowing the locations are Morocco though]....oh well the magic of the movies let yourself imagine.

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