Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Djemma el-Fna

I have really enjoyed Morocco espcially Fez and the Sahara side,
on the east it is a great time, just far more cosmipolitan and the constant attention seeking of men and shop keepers can get a bit much on occasion.
I just had my last dinner in the Djemma that place I will really miss!
it is hypnotic, all the activity, lots of snake charmers today, music, horse and carts, motor bikes, vendors trying to call you into their stall...
Number 1 is my favourite stall, they are always charming even when you are caught and seated...

Fresh orange juice
everything- even the kitchen sink is wheeled in and set up every night

As the sun sets the fun begins....
Now I am back safely in my cosy Riad, it is only small and Moroccan run, once the sun sets the front door is locked and you ring to be let in.
Kind of like coming home to the parents, feels cosy and safe ....peaceful and quiet too.

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