Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Souks of Marrakech

Last day in Morocco- I am exhausted in a satisfied sort of way.
Reasearch, though very interesting is hard work, and I have then spent hours writing notes etc, etc...
I have spent a lot of the last 2 days a pleasant type of way!
I find the easiest way to find what is out there, is to just walk, then later see if I can find my way back to the bits I liked.

here are some impressions of the wanders- Dyers Souk

jewellery shops
Here the guy is stringing up silk thread along the wall- important to be on the look out for these things so you don't get tangled in it.
He will then twist it into cords which are then made into braids, which then adorn the ladies Djellabahs [they used some other name but I can't remeber it]

Felt makers shop- a lot was pretty course- similar to the stuff I have found in India...same type of sheep as well.
Looks like it would take a lot of elbow grease to get it to felt...guy makes it at the back of his shop. I really do appreciate the ease of my merino for felting
This was a shop I was looking for! I fancied some more of the beautiful silk threads, but the price in the tourist end of the market was outrageous so I declined

I think this is the voodoo medicine the old slave souk...not to sure I could find this again[ but I think so...was a second hand clothes market going on]

Dyers souk- wool for carpet

Tassles, any size you could imagine from tiny to huge.

Gorgeous contemporary local designers shop.

Entrance to an interesting funduq [ a funduq or Caravanerai- not sure on the spelling-is where merchants used to stop, space down stairs to tie up your donkeys, storerooms to lock up your goods and rooms upsatirs to stay...this one was a treasure tove of antique shops- some interesting textiles, a bead man whose shop was piled high with all types of beads from tout la monde! and next door a younger fellow making some very nice more contemporary necklaces.

this is La Place- the centre of every thing, you keep getting drawn back here for another look, another coffee, another meal...another attempt on the souks.
This is the middle of the day- the area where the kitchens set up tonight is all sectioned off and being scrubbed down...all the kitchens are dismantled each night and taken away only to come back tomorrow. All the food is fresh in front of you- you point at what you want and it is cooked and is all you need.
I keep thinking to try a fancy place to eat but this is where I want to head back to!!
Off to last visit to Djemma el Fna....

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