Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Westhope College

12 September, 2008 Back in England, the contrast is so great!They have had the least amount of sunlight ever in the month of August, so fruit and vegetables are not ripening properly, bugs and butterflies are not hatching, bees are staying back home in the hive and not pollinating plants as they should….Our food actually comes from out the in the fields -these weather changes will impact on what is in the supermarket!
Morocco felt home like in a way because the landscape is the type I respond to – many areas are large, flat and empty. I like the dry heat, the bright light, the sense you can walk out and see what is coming…. Being out in the countryside of England is exotic in a way- I feel like I could run into a Hobbit at any moment. I am at Westhope College this weekend deep in the heart of the Shropshire country side. Above is the view from my bedroom window... So green, although the trees are just starting to change and golden hues, deep claret red and all shades in between are starting to show. Walking the hedge sided lanes, unseen but close is the plaintive bleating of sheep, honking of geese and an amazing repertoire of tweets from on high…oh for sound-o-rama to share it.The smell is “green”, fresh, full of moisture and life, occasionally you step upon some fallen leaves and get a burst of sweet humus but generally the memory of summer life is still around.

The entrance to the college has this etched on the windows
"Let the handiwork of the hands be their prayer"
My friend Anne has this idea "If their is enough blue in the sky to make a pair of sailor's trousers- it must be a good day"
After the greyness of yesterday I was happy to see enough to make him a mini-skirt!
Then later in the day it came out full sunshine- how glorious it is.
Just here a few weeks and I am becoming quite English- talking about the weather all the time.

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