Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mosaics of Morocco

Well if I was not so obsessed over the rugs I would be waxing lyrical about the mosaics....

there are anciant Roman ones at Volubilis [1000's of years old] and more modern ones [some 100's of years old] often in the style of Andalusia and then heaps and heaps of modern work.

all gorgeous, leaving rooms cooler and the repetitive, rich patterns inspired by Muslim design seem to also make spaces more relaxing.
I must say Muslin inspired architecture has a lot to teach us about creating peaceful, private spaces witha restrained luxury inherent to them.
What a way to live in warm climates.

Some examples to enjoy...

My friend Hicham in Fez...a very nice young man- he is working his way to his Phd in Literature- the topic of his research is the depiction of Fez through the literature of the ages.
To pay his way Hicham acts as a local guide, you can imagine how happy I was to meet him.
If you are visiting Fez I would really recomend spending a day in his care he can help you see deep into the heart of the wonderful ancient city.
Look at the lovely mosaic behind him as well, please.

A painted cedar window shutter in a pattern to resemble mosaics...A pottery outside Fez, all the pieces are hand cut

rubble near the front doorstep
and smaller pices ready to go- the green one is the back to a wall fountain- could be freighted anywhere...oh to dream

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