Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gandhi said...

Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world"
I believe this and have it scatched on a piece of paper over my desk so I will see it often.....but do I always act this way??
Truthfully no.
I am exhausted and when you let yourself get that way life is not always so sweet.
You become titchy and start complaining about the whingers- what a joke if you are whinging about whingers -what does that make you?
To be that change sometimes you have to take yourself out of the equation- don't worry I am not suggesting anything THAT drastic or permanent, I mean you have to be different, totally different.
I got home, tired, giving myself all this positive chat, be different, enjoy the moment, relish where you live etc
and would have then gone into overdrive mode trying to get everything done so I could rest- does that make sense?
Guess what everything is never done [my imagination is too active- I always have anither idea!!]
And then the Universe stepped in- thank you Gods
my internet did not work for a whole week
I could not do office work- did feel a little stressed about things that should be done but I got used to it, slept in in the morning, started the day by reading a book [something I always used to do and really enjoy].
Then it came back on....tried to remember but that tension of things that should have happened still persisted....started going into overdrive mode...
After 2 days it went off again....
Another week out and this time I was in practice... so could really enjoy the slow morning.
My new resolution which I am sticking to is no work before 7.00am each morning.
Sunday off [still working on that one but trying REAL hard] it is a day I could keep up my drawing practice, start some new creative work...yes!! that is is, I have some artist ideas sneeking into view -a whole day to play at it is a good idea!!
[just thinking as I write there and feel much better for it]
SOoooo the pic above is the entrance to my home,
I feel right at home here in Pushkar....I was in Australia for 10 days, love seeing my boys and friends and where I used to live is so beautiful but this here feels HOME. Good feeling

Fianlly found my second hand sari connection....look at this pile, I was wallowing in them for days....so soft, so silky, I am going to rip them into useful size pieces and sell them on etsy [ that will help fund my living here and volunteering at Shakti]
as well as use others in projects to create work for Shakti families.

My darling friend Dawn knew I had no chooks [ I have always had chooks and a vegie patch, they have been my moments of relaxation] so she made these T-towels with chooks on them, I have used them on the table in my sitting area they are so sweet.
I now have chooks in the lounge room!

it is home sweet home here
Be the change you want to see in your world, listen as the Universe tries to give you what you need, if what you are getting is not what you want take a look at what you are focusing on....
love to you all

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Erica Spinks said...

Thank you Fiona for articulating this so well. Best wishes for your continuing well-being, both physically and emotionally.