Monday, December 29, 2008

Posting a letter in Pushkar

Yesterday was Sunday and I have been following my new resolution and not working rather doing something artistic.
At the moment the scale is small- postcards to be exact which seems rather apt as I have been spending at lot of time at the postoffice lately, sending out some of my etsy fabics.

Here are some of my offerings, Think I might put them on etsy as well, Does US$ 25 posted seem to much? Large postcard size...

This is the view from my roof, there is a sacred mountain in the distance with its temple on the top, it is all lit up like a Christames tree every night...
the fabrics are local handloom silks and recycled saris, oh and a little of my hand- dyed organzas.
I did feel good, 'sketching' this up.
and the back, these can be posted, I have done so in the past and it did have a big impact on the recipiants! and them framed and hung on the wall.

still fascinated by the Pippal Leaf trees, these are beautiful large trees, sacred to Vishnu, the preserver, Buddha was known to have rested under them and taught some of his will often find a shrine to Shiva under them and strings tired around, hold a wish...beautiful trees and they embody so much.

My local post office ... you line up at that little window and wait for someone to help you...which could take some considerable for time, although I can't work out what is so time consuming for the guys.
Your post is weighed and then you have to come inside the office [I could not take a photo- for security reasons??] to stick the stamps on with glue.
The glue is in an old jar, extremely runny and there is a stick to smear it onto your stamp...don't laugh this is rather sophisticated as many post offices expect you to use your fingers- so disgusting!
The last photo is the courtyard, empty now but often the line fills it up...thye shady tree tells a story as sometimes it is most appreciated for the long wait!
Fun and games in Pushkar.
Have a read of Dijane Cevaal's post dated interesting her comments on decoration and a lot to think about in this part of the world where decoration reign's

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