Monday, February 02, 2009

Our Pukka Place, more shopping

More shopping, casual chairs this time.
This pampass grass is transformed into very comfortable Rajasthani Mudda Chairs...and Ajmer has a whole street of the artisans making them.

We wandered up and down comparing work and prices, then serious bargaining time as we need a whole heap for the garden at our place.

Next the pickle shop...I have made an Indian Lime Pickle for years [thank you Julie for the original recepie] and Praveen loves it...we must have it for our hotel restaurant! But it takes 6 weeks for a batch to mature so until then we got a batch from the famous Shickilal's of Ajmer... a chance for me to sample different flavours as well and try out other kinds of recipes...I am going to put all my tried and tested recipes in a cook book one day.
We already do a Cooking tour with Creative Arts Safaris and I have taught cooking classes here in Pushkar as a fund raiser for Shakti Project.
The boys [young men, really but they look so fresh face I tend to call them boys] in our kitchen are good cooks and eager to learn some of my recipes just as I am eager to learn Muna's Eggplant Subji-
anyway I love to cook and learn new flavours and am always giving my recipes out...I can think of a cook book as a relaxing hobby!
Look at the range...yum!

and then marble shopping for table tops...I like the small round table tops but am not allowed to think of them at the moment and look at the range of decoartive borders you could order to insert in your floor....I can't wait to build our own place one day... but not today...

Sunday is supposed to be relax and art day...well as close as I got to that was cutting up fabric for my etsy shop and getting it all neatly stacked...still texture and colour was lovely to fiddle with.
More gardening today.... I love gardening, potting around is relaxing and we now have a garden at our hotel [and all the boys to help me with all the heavy or yuk jobs!- Life in India can be blissful]
so I can fiddle around- we are going to have roses in the courtyrad garden, really richly scented Pushkar roses...won't that be lovely when people arrive?

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