Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet and Sour Eggplant - Bengali style.

I love to cook, my boys have always called me an old hippy as I like organic, natural starting from scratch, exotic...
here in India is fantastic, so many new flavours to experience, everything in the market is fresh, and mostly local....
plus we run cooking classes at the hotel and a cooking tour in India but I think really it is just that cooking is relaxing and I have always had an appreciative audeinec of boys, friends and now my man.
A huge compliment to me is that my eldest son has become a chef, and is starting to make an impression in Sydney [ when he started in his first kitchen they were impressed with his palette and the wide experience he had of food, not something they saw in many apprentices]

Anyway my latest
Sweet and Sour Eggplant - Bengali style.
this would be great served as part of an India meal,
just as good or even excellent as an accompaniment to a classic lamb roast
and fantastic cold the next day with just a drop of balsamic vinegar swished through it.

250 gm small eggplant- chicken egg size[so you have lots of lovely skin to char just slightly]

chopped in 4 lengthwise and sprinkled with salt for 20 mins to get the bitter jiuces out- wash thouroughly and pat dry.

fry the eggplant off in a little olive oil, until soft and golden, set aside
in same pan
with a dash of oil splutter- 2 bay leaves
- big pinch hing or asafoetida
-1 t panch Poran [Indian 5 spice mix made of equal parts mustard , fennel, nigella, cumin, fenugreek seeds]
1 T corriander powder
1/2 t red chilli powder
saute well, till the flavour hits your nose,
add 1/2 cwater and simmer few minutes
add aubergines
salt to taste and
1 t sugar
1 1/2 t tamarind paste- simmer until nice and thick

serve and enjoy!!

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