Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shakti kids, picnics and shoes

Last minutes rushing and unable to get my head around what is instll.
It is so warm here and dry and sunny and I know Ireland in 2 days and the UK just after will be quite the opposite! Oh well it will be good when I get there.

Some of the things I have been squeezing into the last week- a pool party and picnic on our lawn at the hotel...a bit of a marketing programme, making a big fuss of having done exams at school and finishing another school year, about 5 of our big boys look to go to high school next year- our first high school kids so we are dropping hints of a celebration for their first day there and talking them up as Shakti heros for going on with school.
I am a little nervous as this is often the time boys stop school and start to work...and I am noticing the bigger ones are not at Shakti after school everyday as they have to go and help the family more often, still they DO go to school we hope to help them keep the balance of the 2.

As you can see it was mainly littler ones that came for the picnic...

Our chef at the hotel Kaliyan kindly helped me make an "Ozzie picnic" - good bit of cultural education for the kids- we had dip and crackers, the 'sausage' sandwich- vegetarian, of cousres and chocolate cake, the bananas...the official verdict was YUM!!

and swimming. Girls and me first, privately of course, then the boys all in....lots of laughs Everyone arrived crowded into some tuktuks, a treat in itself. The tall girl is Mumtah, good student, good at bossing everyone around as well. She loves our hotel, keeps saying to me Fiona Didi [sister] it is so beautiful. I got Praveen to explain to her, that one day, if she studies gard at school, she might go to management college and become a manager of a place just like this or even work with us....what a smile when the penny dropped and what a glint in her eye....
I figure it is good to set seeds, Praveen and I will stick around a help water them... education gives our children - any children possibilities....

Had a vist to my local Mochi-wallah, shoes maker for a new pair for the trip---he stretches themto fit your foot,

they are just simple shoes, but comfortable and hard wearing- I love them

The lady behind him, is one of our Mums, her two youngest daughters go to school through Shakti, they are the youngest of 6 boys and 3 daughters...and the only ones to read and write and really hard working students with a very proud family behind them. The family are iron workers, making garden implements, they work there from about 7.00am until at about 7.00pm each day out in the heat and barely make enough money to feed themselves- yet will offer a cup of tea or if you are near their house try and drag you in and feed you chapatis- generous people.

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