Friday, May 01, 2009

Indian Elections and Veggies

News from home, our first harvest from our new Veggie garden,
My first garden in India and Praveen’s first garden ever, he started out just giving me a hand but has really been enjoying looking after the garden, watching the plants grow and keeping up the water- it is pleasing to be sharing the pleasure.
It is so hot in India that the plants are just springing out of the ground, growing so fast.
And tow funny things I have found in the papers about the Indian elections- it is a serious time in India, people are being urged to have there say, lots of exposes of corruption so it is a good chance to clean some things up as well.
These are a few fun images- one from Times of India and one I found in a newspaper here in Dublin.
The guy with the shoes is hoping to be elected and is coming prepared, there was an incident a few weeks ago of a reporter throwing a shoe at a minister in frustration about announcements her was making, this guy thinks by arriving with shoes around his neck he will be able to stream line the processes of governance! Haha.
The other is a candidate in the Punjab going to a rally with his security officer riding pinion- he is definitely of the people, hopefully also for the people….

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