Friday, May 01, 2009


Out the door and off, not as scary as I thought,
Living in India means getting anywhere is so much closer than flying from Sydney; so it is easier to adjust when I land.
I am in Ireland and the weather is mild, not warm but a few cardigans and I am warm enough.
I visited the National Gallery of Ireland , I still have the colours of India in my eyes and it was hard to appreciate the light in many of the paintings…
They had a special exhibition upstairs Caravaggio and some of his mates- boy does the quality of Caravaggio shine out, it was a room of large paintings many on religious themes- really all just oil paint on canvas but Caravaggio's shone with light and intensity and emation...
In a later room was a Vermeer, “Lady writing a Letter” , again the intensity of the of the light and concentration of the woman suggest a whole story within the image. Having read Tracy Chevalier’s “The Pearl Earring” [love her witing and imaginations!!] which weaves a story around another of his paintings I kind of itch to hear what she would imagine and weave around this painting.

lovely Ireland, pretty as a picture book!

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