Monday, May 04, 2009

Essence of Mulranny Workshops

Life is full of hard decisions some days, I love being on the road teaching, I get to see the world, meet truely wonderful people and enjoy myself,
I now have a very full life at home in Pushkar too, many projects and plans, a studio that would like some talking to and Praveen.....what to do?? when I am in one option I really love it, and I miss the other....I am blessed, but have to start arranging it somehow to find a balance because all together it is too much
[I know - what a whinger!! that is what I think too, the Universe has been so kind and I truely appreciate that...but I think there is a little lesson in balance going on here or priorities- just trying to work out where the path is to follow!]

Here are a few pictures of my lateset gig- the view that greeted me on my first morning- what temptations the Universe throws you!!
That is the Bay of Clew[ I think?] across the water is the Sacred St Patrick's Hill, down in front is the most extraudinary landscape of salt meadows, beautiful and mesmerizing. The view changed in colour all day long and transformed as the clouds moved in and out.
Here in Ireland they make jokes you can experience all seasons in one day!! Seems to be based on fact.

Cheryl and her husband are turning a dream into reality with the Essence of Mulranny Art Centre they have created here on the West Coast of Ireland will give more info. People come from all over the world to stay with them and join the workshops. In my class participants came from the next village, the far end of the country, the States and me Australian from India. The mix of people a treat in itself.
The new purpose built studio complex, hot glass, textiles and many more things will happen here...
really look forward to the chance to return in a year or two and see how it is all progressing.

This quote was on Cheryl's wall and seemed so apt; placed there by a really inspiring lady
"the fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose" Gandhi.

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