Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lichfield, UK and Fair Trade

I have just had a lovely few days in Lichfield an hour from Birmingham in the UK.
I have really fallen in love with their Cathedral, so pretty , quite femine in decoration, I found it mesmeriezing and kept wanting to go back again to look at the details.
Her are a few snaps form clos up to a bigger view.

and great moss or lichens on it as well!
One thing I really admire about England is the way it has embraced Fair Trade [here is a definition, if you have not heard of it]- an example of how our small choices [this coffee or that? type thing] can be done with thought and make a real difference to other pepole's lives.
Lichfield seems to have really embarced it with both arms, one lady was saying they have a Fair Trade Church stall each month and the city is designated a Fair Trade city as a large percentage of goods used in restaurants has been bought making that choice. Good on them , may more places follow their good heart!

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