Sunday, May 10, 2009

My friends in England are always a treat to visit,
I like the place but really the weather scares me, cold and dark and rainy so often spring to mind- my mates cheery good humour throws a lot of sunshine around- here is a quote Anne sent me recently that she found in a novel set in Roman times England- love the humor of it.

Here is that quote from 'Ruso and the Demented Doctor' by R.S.Downie. "Ruso had now been in Britannia for eight months, most of them winter. He had learned why the province's only contribution to fashion was a thick cloak designed to keep out the rain. Rain was not a bad thing, of course, as his brother had reminded him on more than one occasion. But his brother was a farmer and he was talking about proper rain - the sort that cascaded from the heavens to water the earth and fill the aqueducts and wash the drains. British rain was rarely that simple. For days on end, instead of falling, it simply hung around in the air like a wife waiting for you to notice she was sulking."
Gorgeous Lichfield on a late spring day....says it all
the clouds are so low as to almost sit on the spires- truely!

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