Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rijolles and Madrid

The things you find just wandering along, heading to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid [ the blurb and pics don't do it justice]- do visit if you have a chance -the kitchen on the 4th floor is unbelievable- my friend and I wandered in and went WOW!!! so loud the gurads came running to see what had happened.

We spotted these wonderful, exuberant sculptures in the Retiro Park

Cast bronze and cast Murano glass, they were fun but taking time to look and think he suggests many things: the many attributes of people, possibilities of transformation but perhaps most of all for me was embrace life- get into it- live it...
Anyway enjoy the snaps and imagine a fresh spring morning, just perfectly warm, the sun shining but not burning, trees in fresh bud and simple happinesses....

I learnt a lot from my new friends at EOMWorkshops Murano glass is the glass of choise used by hot glass sculptuers and bead makers In recent times China has been copying a lot of these traditional designs and flooding the market place with cheap copies.
This has effected things such that 4000 Murano glassworkers has lost their jobs- along with them goes the knowledge and experiences of centuries old tradtions. China needs and deserves work for their people but finding it at the expence of other people in the world is not fair....
Many countries and people do this type of thing, not respecting people's intellectual copy right on their work [whilst mimicry might be a compliment to the originator it is not fair! Put in the work and development yourself!]
Choose wisley in your choice of glass although in some ways it is hard choice sort of because it feeds people both ways. BUT if we let the holders of tradtion and the caretakers of the keys to innovation founder where do we go to in the future? Copying is only copying...
anyway off my soap box for the moment, enjoy these wonderful works and thanks to their creator for sharing them with us

even the trees in the park were sculptured- I want trees like that!!

Praveen is my new gardening partner- I'll have to see what he can do...poor man he won't know what I am on about. Aren't they delicious?

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