Wednesday, June 03, 2009

bloody computers!!

I have been on the road, having a lovely time
but my bloody computer!!!

has been having fits, what a stresser, I like to be prompt in replies to people and when travelling windows of opportunity are small so i have everything ready to send off.
Well my little gadget has had a bad hair day for 3 weeks,
I have tried everything to clear the block all to no avail, now back in the UK and a friend's husband spent the day looking at it yesterday, to no avail again, up early this morning and turned it all on with dread thinking I would have to sob on some IT tech's front door to get help quickly when
low and behold everything is running smoothly!!!

can't believe it- still thank theGods and picks of my travels will follow soon.


Anonymous said...

Mercury has been "retrograde" for approximate 3 - 4 weeks which slows down communication and inevitably causes kaos for computer systems - Mercury went direct on Monday so you should be up and running (computer wise that is!!)

Paula said...

Can't wait to hear about your latest trip. I kept looking to see what great things you and Debbie were discovering (I think this was the trip she was doing?) Started to think you'd been swept away on a magic Moroccan carpet.