Sunday, December 13, 2009

Delhi- Chandi Chowk and exploration...

A few extremely busy days in Delhi- meeting wonderful people [one lady Dr Skye Morrison has been a hero of mine for many years] and searching for 'things' for The Stitching Project, for clothes designs, paint for Zac, my son to get to work with on some new canvases....a visa to go to Ghana and an Art Gallery opening.
Gosh when I list just the big things I know why I was so tired when I got home.
Delhi is an old Tart- rather rough around the edges but full oflittle hidden jems if you take the time to know her- the building above, hidden behind wires was a wonderful terracotta, aged perfectly and up the top beautiful architectural features...
This always amuses me- a major road, the fly over over New Delhi Railaway station is always a washing line for this yearn company...

Chandi Chowk- the centre of old Delhi has a few wonderful dhabas- and my favourite Masala Dosa- crips rice pancake wrapped around spiced potato filling served with cocnut chutney and a spicy dal- delicious and a treat as I can't find it here near where I live. and 30 ruppes in this little local place- yum!!
The beginings of the Cloth Market- exploring I found the dyers wholesale market, than later edible oils and joined back up to the spice market ooohh and a few shops that selll silver and gold leaf for decorating your food.

The Spice Market
would you like a few red chillis?

Next day was Dilli Hart market- fabuolous for handmade and a chance to meet the makers....
first something to keep me going Pani Puri- little crisp shells you crack a whole in them, pop in a few bits a potat and cooked beans, a little chilli sauce and then fill them with the green mint and tamarind water and quickly pop them inot your mouth whole. They are a delightful explosion of crunchy, savoury water!!
nothing like it and utterly addictive.

This Lady produces these wonderful completely hand embroidered silk items. I am starting a small shop Pukka Finds- I love to support handwork but what can I do with it? If I buy it from people to on sell it will be stay tuned some wonderful pieces will soon be available. Pieces I can be sure are from the maker and exquisite examples of workmanship...hmmm now that is shopping!
Dilli Hart
Back home and the first sheet set from Pukka Desireables is out the door, this is handblock print from a local family...soon have them ready for wholesale and etsy...whew!! that is just the start of it but I must really run out the door for yoga class- trying a bit of the old de-stress routines
BYE :)

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