Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Stitching Project

You know sometimes you catch a glimpse of your self and think wow- is that me?

The last few days have been interesting...rushing along on a big high with our projects, excited and exhausted....

...Praveen had the TV on chanel surfing and I was finishing off dinner and brought it in - yep life is jsut as mundane here as anywhere else when it comes to domesticity some days.

There was this horrible movie on....some very young woman trapped by a bad man, being stalked, running through the maze on and empty underground parking lot, being moelsted....etc just horrible thriller stufff. It totally freaked me and and threw me back into the rape and pillage that was my childhood.

I shot out of the room like a bullet, did not know wether to vomit or cry, where to hide, what to do. Totally the child again and in the midst of the nightmares that haunted me for years. Praveen did not knot what had happened and after a few minutes came looking for me, put his arms around me and let me cry [I would guess confused and shocked to see me like that for no apparent reason]. Once I settled down I was OK again...just a passing shadow.

Still it is amazing how far you can move along in your life and yet you still carry those shadows with you, the light of your today, if you are letting it shine brings darkness into those corners....but they still lurk, they were a part of your existance. The good thing of the experience was that once I settled and came back to me [not the shock and jumping into the child] it was gone, I can see it and my childhood as just a passing experience now not a defining moment.

Here is my boy, coming into his adulthood working with his Mummy, ironing and preparing pieces for The Stitching Project.... it is very exciting and he is really growing into a man, trying very hard to find a niche he can contribute to our projects from, help us out, work on his art and ideas and make a life to suit his tastes. If hw wants more than a 9 to 5 existance and hopefully a few exotic locations thrown in he has to be creative in his approach to creating that life...I think he is starting to get that- yeh!

I often give public talks when I am travelling to textile groups etc...I always start and as I introduce myself- feel a little like I am at an AA meeting- I have an obsession....Like you, my audience I have this pre-occupation with textiles etc, etc, etc....well look at this, one of my favourote shops, one of many places to get the best quality, ethically sound fixes!

I suppose it is like the dope smoker who uses organic weed??
Should I be worried??

A beautiful moment...

Hmm, monkeys, sitting on the roof looking at my vegeatble garden....they have been in a few times lately and we have been hacing to shoo them away. Languers, although peaceful do not take kindly to being asked to leave and a male can be rather large when you are up close.

Ahh the obsession image...lurking around in backstreets trying to find a connection for second hand saris you do see some architectural treasures

...and in dim alley ways you get some of the best hits...
Back hope, replete and lots to do.
I am in Delhi for 2 days of running- further exploration of Sadar Bazaar- the maze of markets, uncovering further mysteries of the cloth market, meetings with some remarkable people, an art gallery opening, yellow fever vaccination and Ghana visa- how exciting!!

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Anonymous said...

Howdy, Skye here...sounds like it is busy busy busy for you at the moment...the photos are beautiful. Mum shows them to Belle when we visit & she loves them too...I think Mum will probably bring her to visit you when she is a big girl...I will stay home...I am not a fan of travel!