Friday, July 09, 2010

found him!!

I have been looking for the sari man I like and he finally turned up....I was first to his storeroom and so got to poke through all his bundles of saris.

My standard stock for etsy...really yummy batch this time- can't wait to go play colours and sort through them all.

Found a few things I did not know where available.... tried to stay focussed though and just get enough....well and then I threw in a few extras!!
Look at this I could not resist...only bought one as they are expensive- hand loomed heavy viscose rayon satin with meatllic brocade [when these ones are past using- the meatllic brocade is sold to the metal re-cycler!]
I can get more- what can I do with them?
I can sell them on etsy- but what size- I hate the thought of cutting them up...would make fabulous jackets though.....
4.5 metres of gorgeousness!
And South Silk Saris....mostly single colour with a fabulous metalic border....just realised I have not even opened them to see the pallou- I just gobbled them up when I saw them...not a proper business woman at all!!
Advice please- what can I do with them??- big pieces, small pieces....I did go a little wild and just snap them up!


Plumfish said...

ooooohhhh how beautiful... wish their were sari men in Perth!!

Alison said...

they are beautiful fiona - why not leave those spectacular ones whole and not take the scissors to them. sell them on etsy!

PJ said...

Lovely saries Fiona.The black one look gorgeous.I would have picked that one first...Thanks for sharing those goodies :)