Thursday, July 08, 2010

work, work, work!!!

That is all that seems to happen some days, weeks, years!!
bit tired today, Praveen has been in Delhi- how many weddings can one family have? I managed to miss it because I had to look after things down here, perhaps I should go some time but it is not like it would be a holiday... it would be just as busy as here but none of the things I want to do would be getting done...
oh well the good side is I have got more prototypes made, and timed and packaging sorted and timed. I tend to be a bit manic when he is sons would probably say I am like that most of the time!

I will pay someone else to do these things but first I have to work out what is a fair amount of time to alot for the different jobs.
I try to give work to women where I can and I pay them the same rate as men.
I only realised the other day the ladies who have worked on our house and seem as busy as any of the men [in fact busier than some...but those guys no longer get work from us] get paid 25% less than the men.
If  I pay a woman the same rate as a man- I can't say that and so I don't look an idiot for over paying them...then seem soft so I can be taken advantage-  of I have to be quite exacting and demanding in the work I is very tricky here fact a real headache!!

oh well I look at what I have got done in the last few days and I am pleased
dyed heaps of organza for my Pukka Components Silk Cheille Kits.
The fun part is mixing the colours and dyeing..... then hours of packing with no fan because it is all so light it blows around too much...
Sorted labels, pinted said labels and assembled the Hand blockprinted bundles...
and made and timed

these lovely little baubles/ buttons- same idea as I used as a button on a special order for Premadaya Imports [should be listed this weekend on their website- hope they go well] and as baubles on my comforters and pillows at Pukka Desirables about 1.5 cm in diameter I think they are cute.

Etsy has been super busy- yeh!!
I am starting to worry, I have been trying to meet up with my favourite silk sari supplier for about 2 weeks now...he comes from or goes to Mumbai regularly??? who knows??
for more stock and do you think I can find him?
When you don't want anything he is always around- go figure.
Rajendra, my assistant is slowly coming into line.
a bit too smart and cocky [just a boy thing] and doesn't check as much as HE IS NOW Going to!!
he did not pack a piece last week- I found it on the table....and I gave him yesterday' posting...checking on progress I have found one piece that should have been sent.
Thinks he can multi task and collect all orders at once, fine as long as you check a second time, which he obviously did not do with this one batch. One big boot in the bum for him coming....all will be sorted out soon.
He is keen and good with book keeping just needs a little polish on how I would like things done!!
I think he will work out fine...and he is a help, I can send him on all the little running around things that take lots of time here in India [5 mins in Australia]
oh well that is life here. I could not afford an assistant in Australia although it would sometimes have been I can and he will be an assistance soon. Happy thoughts.

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