Tuesday, October 12, 2010

around and about- a whirlwind of people and places

 My brother is a dry, laconic Australian and excellent timber crafts person...here he is sharing a joke with Zac
 Look at the finish he gets on his work...they discovered a monkey in this piece after they sanded it...I suggested it was meant to go home with me!
 Down to Sydney for further discussions with Sharron of Leafy Sea dragon Clothing....look at their van after the festival it took us hours to unpack and put everything away ready for the next event...I thought managing stitching was hard work but it is much easier than doing the festivals!!

Back to Geelong Fibre Event...early morning dreaming looking longingly at Mealnie Hill's lovely re-cycled or up-cycled sweaters....

 A new friend and kindred spirit Janie Mathews...look at her lovely necklace- yummy...she is the maker of the wonderful glass beads and assembler of gorgeous work- we had a lovely time swapping silk and glass- heavenly...
 wandering the streets of Sydney- Newtown to pick up spices for my upcoming cooking class....so good to see Ganesha and feel reminded of home....I miss my home!!, can't wait to get back there
a great bead shop just up the road...shop....inspired to have a play around with my swaps in glass and other bits

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