Sunday, October 31, 2010

big Delhi Day shopping

Friday was very satisfying, major shopping for The Stitching Project projects....further exploration in the back passage ways of Sadar Bazaar. First take a  look at Delhi, thereis so much that has been done to improve the city- the media were very unkind at one stage in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games, this is a third world country, the amount of effort they put in was phenominal!

So many things have changed but luckily not everything, impromptu shrines under sacred trees still here...
Quiet early morning so not so busy on the streets yet- I am saying that seriously.

Ice delivery man

a small home on the road side- poor but spotlessly clean and organized.

One of my favourie buildings in Sadar Bazaar- so charming, truely a renovators delight- it would look fabulous done up...

can you see the structure under the piles of cooking equipment [this is where I get satinless steel supplies for the hotel and cake tins]

The family entrance, the street side is a row of shops....and packing piled high at the end of the alleyway.

Very early, very quiet...

The main street is not so wide, and then you go into narrow alleys called Gali that are about 2 people wide and then I discovered a whole labarynth of shops, miles of then almost underground that are along baby alleys almost to tight to walk down at all.

This gentleman I buy metal dyes form to be able to make holes to put riveets in are looking at his whole shop!!
not even enough room to stretch his legs, but everything is neatly there...he was taking ages to give me my 2 dyes and then I realised how organized he was- to save space all similar dyes are in plastic boxes, but once sold they need to be presented properly so he has the boxes they belong in flat packed on another shelf...after purcahse he has to re-assemble the box, pack your items then wrapit safley in a peice of pink newspaper [ perhaps it is not always pink- but was lucky!] and tie it with string
and there it is on his front counter [all of the counter by the way]

 Heading back to my hotel...there is a video to go with this - try this link Hopefully it will take you on the ride of a life time. 

Later in the day I discovered this beautiful old alley way in Old Delhi- the houses date back to the Murgal era, 300 + years ago and a Jain temple at the end of the alley is around 1000 years old

such a find and delightful end to a good day

First official day of my tour- I am looking forward to the travels! yippee

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