Friday, October 29, 2010

books, books and searching through Delhi's back streets

In Delhi, preparing for a huge expedition into the wholesale garden to go out and play like at home so I have a bit of time to pass and came across this link from a friend. The Good Man Project....the name says a lot, many times I think men get a raw home I am interested in creating work for People [yes I do do a lot with women but the blokes need a chance to support their families as well]...there are many good people out there. Here is one guys story of an un-imaginably bad day and how he handled it in a positive way.

And another  email came in from a different friend Dawn....we have recently been plotting and planning when I was in Australia...these are some of her books by the way...I love this display one....good to stand on a table and show off treasures [I will be in trouble I have forgotten the name she gives it -flag book I think]

This is how her week has been going
Hi Fiona,
At least you had to sit still for a while with the henna in your hair! Just a small breather in your mad schedule!
I’ve been sitting/lying for a day, I was stung by a bee on Tuesday arvo (I was attempting to retrieve/steal a wattlebird’s nest from a bottlebrush tree at the time) and no nasty reaction until about lunchtime Wednesday. ......many gory details I will save you from here!
So Thursday I was out of it for most of the day, infection and antibiotics played with my head and balance. Feeling a lot better today and ready to make books at Bernie’s tomorrow!
While I was not so with it yesterday I had some great ideas, hallucinating perhaps? I have worked out how to make a Jacobs ladder book with fabric hinges so I can make the pages thick with stitching and appliqué, and now I also have a use for the India post calico packaging and a pile of flour bags Jane gave me; sketches with thread and appliqué of the rainbow bee-eaters I saw at Caroline’s waterfall last week when we went there for a sketching/painting day. Seems appropriate somehow? I’ll make variations of these for covers of books and maybe a cushion or 2. I’ve unpicked the bags and now they are in the wash.
Waiting on paper from Euraba Paperworks, they have been a bit busy and the order is late, but they have a good reason….. Euraba Artists and Papermakers have taken out the 2010 NSW Parliament Aboriginal Art Prize. The Euraba artists won with their collaborative work, ‘Gaduu – Murray cod 2010’, using plant fibre and rag paper and stretching over eight panels. The Parliament of New South Wales Aboriginal Art Prize is an annual acquisitive prize of $20,000 sponsored by the New South Wales Parliament and awarded to an Aboriginal visual artist over the age of 18, born in New South Wales and belonging to a New South Wales language group.
This deserves a big YEH!! they make beautiful paper
Don’t forget to look out for papermills on your travels this time, I am after paper good enough to draw, paint and sew on.
Your garden looks great, and an egg! Wow, you and Praveen really are farmers, you even have a tractor working in the back 40!
Happy touring,

Exciting plans are afoot! Pukka Studio watch out! as soon as I get home from tour I will sort out the websites....

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