Thursday, October 28, 2010

home sweet home, and a few minutes to reflect...

Everything is  packed and ready, hosue is clean as we are having visitors while I am away and some coming with me on tour.....after running like crazy for days I actually have an hour to spare- I have henna in my hair so can't go tearing off any where!
A good chance to sit and reflect and appreciate how lucky I am!
I have been enjoying the white emptiness of our house...and when I started getting out things to hang them up wondered if I really wanted to?
Having taken some pics to show off to looks a bit bare, strange it does not feel that way here....oh well there is already a large pile of things to hang on the table with Zac's painting watching over it ....and I have another trunk with quite a few treasures from all our travels to bring out as well....

I think it will actually be nice to fill some of these walls....

 Garden is gorgeous and satisfying having a garden, the big pawpaw/ pepita/ papaya tree already has flowers on- friut won't be far away and we have no monkeys out here to steal them!

Hmmm, look forward to returning:)

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