Thursday, October 28, 2010

maybe manic??? no time to think about it!

The last day or two have been crazy- busy even by my standards….Praveen and I have been sorting hotel things that have come up [luckily we now seem to have a good bunch of staff and they are helpful- a big yeh there!]

Wish we had our own place, rather than rented buildings….we put a lot of effort in, the owners don’t quiet have the same attitude to maintenance and so…..oh well it is fine for now.

On the home front; Mukesh found our first egg this morning

And a tractor turned up to work the first half of the back plot- we have enough water so should produce food, Praveen and Mukesh are planning bulk garlic, onions, radish….and I am not sure what. The guy on the tractor was playing music so loud I could not hear myself think all the way inside in the bathroom!

In the home we have had a young lady Rekha visit, she is trialling to be our housekeeper….I have been rather dubious of the idea…one should clean up after oneself, shouldn’t one?
Praveen has been insistent, it is the Indian way and it creates a local job! So he and Kanchen ganged up on me and organized someone- she is great, the house really feels shiny clean when she is finished- I am very grateful.


Clothes manufacture through The Stitching Project needed a big injection of my time- new work we need to start, and I need to see where it is going before I leave for 3 weeks meant I was up early waiting for the light to get colour washes on fabric. Backbreaking when the print table although arrived,  is only in kit form at the moment.

Panalal, who runs the machine sweing workshop was working frantically [really this is very non-India as the pace here is usually more relaxed] cutting a whole bunch of stuff because he too  had to be out the door; he is off on a big adventure checking out fabric mills in the South. We need a better line of supply for what we are producing. The excitement for him, of what is going to be a gruelling week, was flying the first leg of the journey. So pleased to add a little thrill in as the rest of it will be a slog…can’t wait to see what he finds though.

The guys, Panalal has a good crew to work with as well...

Kanchen made us her specialty of Dal Butti- so yummy, I have missed it while I was away…

Look I just found this picture of Dawn, taken the morning I was leaving- gorgous girl all dressed up in a new jacket she made of my stitched squares....this I will have to beg her  to make me a few more for my next textile sales adventure in OZ, I could have sold it 10 times over at the Geelong Forum...I am thinking I will be at the Orange Textilke Forum in early April
look at this guy- must be a world record fly- the size of my 2 thumbnails put together!

Studio- still needs a coat of paint but it is slowly starting to fill up and feels like it will be good to work in...can't wait to get home from the tour and try it out.

I am looking forward to the tour, I am in India, playing textiles, have agood crowd to do it with- Oz was great to see family and friends, good response to our textiles but felt too far away from home- amazing how you can shift and settle so easily sometimes :)

Ahhh the light at the end of the day from my Kitchen Garden steps....shanti, shanti or peace, peace....a real panacea for busy times

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robin blakney-carlson said...

Fiona, I get dizzy just reading about your life's activities. It is so fascinating to read and see. Thank you for sharing in spite of your pace. I believe you must have a very organized brain! I would like to be that fly on your wall :)