Saturday, October 23, 2010

home sweet home, our home!

 Home and right into it...but a few moments to appreciate where I is lovely and warm, the sun is golden and does not fry you to a crisp!!
Our home is even more lovely  [OK and dusty] than I remebered it.

India has a smell, the aroma of spices, desert dust and animals creates a warm fragrance; car horns, temple bells and people chattering fills the air,
a vibe of busieness and industry as people bustle along with their lives, it is exhilarating to live here!!

Yeh I am home.

Kishangarh, The Manchester of Rajasthan was our first adventure- checking fabric supplies for out various Stitching Clients...
Lovely old buildings, buily 100 tyears ago by the Maharaja to encourage trade in his kindgom is where we found the traders we needed

the area specialises in simple flat weves...something caught my eye with these simple florals...
Our friend Panalal, exhausted after doing a lot of the talking for me- great man to work with

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