Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pukka Studio is getting going

It really is all systems go at the moment,

Possibly frantic but it is so good to be home and have things moving along….

A new resolution though will be to move our Indian Tour to early in the year rather than around this time at the beginning of the season…..

The Pukka Studio is shaping up well, our friends Pannalala and Kanchen have given me an enormous print table to use, here it is arriving on the truck amidst much laughter and joking!

Praveen has found a lady to do our housework- Rhenka, she has her face covered at the moment so is shy or it is because non-family older men are present??? Not sure why it is a village way…I am sure this will change as she gets to know our family…


Kanchen in orange and her friend Sanju

we fell about laughing at the look on Pannalal's face when he reached up to get the lid and could only reach thin air!

The Pukka Studio will be opened with my first tour group in a few weeks [must get onto updating the website!!]

and our Indian Gourmet Cooking Classes have been opened with 2 lovley young English travellers Ania and Stu....we had a really great evening with them and I thank them for setting the tone of our cooking classes in our new kitchen...may they all have a much interesting converstaion and laughter!. Here is a link to their travel blog- lucky guys just starting out on a year's travels...

I was interviewed for this book The Art Quilt Collection quite some time ago...and forgot about it really... so was thrilled to hear of it being released only to arrive home to a copy of it waiting for me- isn't that lovely?
Flicking through the collection they are showcaseing I feel really privaledged to be included- most inspring works.
Amazing times, wonderful things keep happening...how lucky is that?!

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