Monday, November 15, 2010

shower thoughts

I was just in the shower thinking [Don't close your eyes, there are no pictures to worry about]
actually I was probably more drooling over some of the things we saw last night.
A little refrain of "I want, I want, I want..." was going on in the back of my mind as well.....especially over these Snake Charmer's works, made long ago by people long dead.....what are their families making now?

 Then I remembered this piece I saw at Daksthar just recently, it was made by an artist, still living. It would rival anything I have seen in the antique shops and that person is still living, beathing and trying to put a crust in their mouth today.
Their work is cheaper than the antiques, a sale might encourage them to train their kids in these skills....their work is absoultely superb, supporting them also supports our [ in the sense I am a memeber of this world] community's living heritage, rather than storing our history.
Good to take time for a little reflection, join up a few dots and not get completely carried away by one's lusts, I think .
That was the point of my starting Pukka Finds- trading in the work of living artisans....
and that is one of my 'outside the tour world' jobs starting to creep in....seeing one of my contacts in Delhi to place an order, to have luscious Kantha work to ake to OZ fro the Orange Forum....
well I need to finish getting ready for another great day on the road- Fatehpur Sikri today....and lust a little over all that stitching old and new, really especially the new, it was such an exciting piece.

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