Thursday, December 02, 2010

Books N Blocks- Pukka Studio Workshop

As you know I am planning on running workshops and an artist-in-residence programme at the Pukka Studio, spent hours yesterday working out calendars, and now have some people who are already lined up to start talking to and planning with.
We have a place that can be a home away from home for visitors, a bit of a rest from the kaledescopic 'newness' of India.
India is fabulous but often a bit daunting for people, really you just need to take a little time and get the swing of things and then you can really embrace the place; I figure offering a bit of a haven will start people off nicely.
 We also have the facilities to run workshops...the first one I am working on details for is called "Books N Blocks" based on the theme of book binding- we will work from the studio, venture out locally looking for treasure to use, print blockprint with my local guys and take a day or two in Jaipur, savouring an historic site or two and Sanganer Village, home to blockprint, textiles and most importantly Paper made from cotton watse. I also have a lead on a new initiative making paper from elephant poo, so expect we will be tracking them down as well [still a bit of homework to do on that one]
I expect it to run 1-7 March 2012,
 and encourage people to stay a day or two after as 8 March is Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours and very memeorable.

Some images and a note from Dawn Also some pix of my latest books, the “birds in flight” is machine stitched onto hand painted recycled Indian post bag, with Ghanaian glass beads. The “leaves” book has a small mono print onto rust dyed silk and pix of leaves printed onto the pages here and there through the book, also has Ghanaian beads. I’m working on a concertina book with “rust” as the theme.

 These are pictures of her house; we may live half a world away from each other now but we still maintain the continuing conversations and togetherness we have had for 20 years [I thank the Gods for the inventions of mobile phones,  India's cheap rates, digital cameras and the internet!]
 Christmas presents for Grandkids
 Fabric I printed a hundred years ago, Dawn has raided from our stash and transformed this chair....wish I could find some interesting furniture here, we don't seem to have any second hand shops....
 Rusted Book Cover
 The end to a beautiful day...coming home at just the right moment.
 The guys at the hotel have been creating small beauties....


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