Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another good thing about Homestay...

another good thing about Homestay or the Farmstay aspect of it would be more eyes around to help with Peacock watch.

we have wild peacocks all aroond, beautiful and sneaky...they like to eat the vegetables in our market garden....and know we will chase them off so lately they have been lurking in the trees watching for us....we often sit on the back step to watch sunrise and see our garden growing....they hang in the trees, as soon as we go inside that are onto the garden, we make noise in the kitchen they wander off quickly....

no pics to show because they disappear too quickly.
Did you know we have Woodpeckers in our trees...sound just like the cartoons.

and the other day I was sitting on the back step when a big rustling started in the trees and a baby chipmunk dropped out running like crazy with a mongoose hot on its tail, wanting chipmunk for lunch!!
Out to have breakfast and look for peacocks....feed the chickens, feed the cow and the camel and put the tortoise in the sun so he will wake up enough to have his lunch....busy, busy, busy on opur little farm....
have a good day!!

My nose will be back to the workshop grind stone in a minute, yesterday was the first day I thought we might be getting somehwere- yippee!

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