Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exploring Govindgarh

 My travelling companions- Praveen and our mate Gopal-ji....we are heading off to Govindgarh which is just up the road from Gopal-ji's farm...looking for a Juuti-wallah, that is a guy who makes traditional style Rajasthani shoes. Praveen bought a pair last year and they look really sexy as well as are lasting very well.
I need a new pair and this old guy is good...he is also just a short drive from our place [18km] and so would make a good excursion for people staying with us for a little time who fancied a pair of hand made shoes specifically to their size.....ideas and clever thinking happening here!
 The perfect snack food to start- Indian junk food is so tasty and
nutritious- these katori are filled with a spiced lentil mix and yummy!

 Our gentleman, I showed him a pair I have had for days they use synthetic wool for the embroidery but I want can be we will need to drop back to him some cotton colours I plan is to see how he goes and all going well bespoke a few pairs to take and sell in Oz at the Orange well as introduce our guests to him....
A simple comfortable, stylish and hard wearing
 The name of the place is Govindgarh that would translate to Govind's I thought hmmmm where is it?
A bit of poking around revealed a very picturesque and interesting little village...
 the old mandir or temple in the fort....
 and this town has many brass makers....look at these lovely serving bowls and spoons....guess who will have some soon? and what a great little gaunt for a cooking school group? [We are planning to offer week long experiences at The Pukka Studio....stay tuned]
Camel bells- of course!
 Into the brass guys place to see the kiln he works from, they are happy to show us everything....and for us to bring guests later.
 Gopal-ji and his grandchild
Checking camel food, it will be delivered tomorrow for Baba.....
a very good day out and today we have to head up to Jaipur to buy dye, meet the wood block carver, look at paper for "Books 'n' Block" workshop, catch up with a freiend re textiles and buy fabric....ohh boy what a day!


fabriquefantastique said...

sounds like a day I would love. Full of character

Penny said...

Shame you are not coming to Ballarat as well as Orange. I could have got you to bring me a camel bell!!