Tuesday, February 08, 2011

another day in Pushkar

We have a had a day of "sand running winds" The sand just stays on the ground and runs along and after an hour or two things start to be completely covered. It brought a big weather change and a few spots of rain so the garden will be happy. In my mind rain was not due until July.
Ohh by the way the Hollyhocks the sand is covering are from seed we collected in Syria at Saladin's Castle. So special!

 Our nephew Sunny, having a little holiday after 3 gruelling months traing for Mr India competetion- he had to live on boiled fish [no spice, no salt] and a few types of fruit, very little else. All cooked by his own hand, the idea is to starve the fat off and only build muscle....biggest woe for him is no chapatti.
 Baba watches on as his cart is fixed- it broke an axle which caused a bit of a problem, and apparently gave him a big scare.

 This simple meal of Vietnamese food marks a big accumplishment for us- not the cooking, I have learnt many yummy things in Vietnam but the vegetables that have gone into it. Our garden is really rocking on with so many yummy things we just can't get here in India.
Asian vegetables, lettuce, rocket, various herbs.....so pleased.

Ohh Sunny in competition mode, really his face is much to thin. Why? I don't understand it is a real boy thing!

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