Monday, February 28, 2011


I am feeling so stressed at the moment....lots happening at our works but that is normal and with some of my Stitching Ladies and my tailors you really do need to be right on your toes, more it has to do with the erratic electricity....never sure when it is going to flick out or just become too low to make things work, so I am always rush, rush, rush to get things done when it is on.
When it goes out you don't know how long do you sit and wait patiently for 30 seconds and resume what you were doing or will you be sitting there for the next 6 hours?????
 This packet contains something totally dangerous....and I am now addicted....good for consolation when power goes out but I could end up putting back the 20kg in weght I have lost the last few years....Namkin or snacks- so tasty.
 some have fenugreek leaf and chilli and spices, some are dusted with chilli and green mango powder [a totally addictive flavour] all completely moooooooooorrrish.
 A while ago I read about a group of ladies who were rescused....20 years ago they had borrowed money from a money lender and were to work for him to make the repayment. For 500 rupees he held them captive as virtual slaves weaving silk until someone from an NGO found out and with governemnet help rescued them. The women are now part of a co-operative leading much better lives. I was wondering how to find the co-op if I want handloom silk they are the type of people I would buy it from when Praveen put this bag in my hand.
He had been so see Sanju our friend from Bihar who does the lovely stitching [pics in the next few days] and this is the bag she put the pieces into.
The answer to your questions is alays there you just have to keep your eyes open!
Praveen and Sanju  knew nothing of my question but they were part of its answer and I just happened to glimpse at the bag and read it!!
Small miracles.
 In between power out I have been powering on....using reject squares from an early stage of the Stitching Project [ I have over 100 reject squares- it takes bit of patience and payments to get the Ladies up to scratch sometimes- so we will have beautiful, if not first quality quilts on our beds here at home for ever I think as I won't waste all those learning pieces]
as I was saying- using some of our squares I came up with this idea for a bag....please don't mind the colour combination or the stitching, if you look closely it is a protype...the real ones will be assembled by the tailors we work with using a better qualiry drill for the black bits, nicely lined with a mobile pocket and zippered pocket on the inside and zipper closure at top. On the mobile pocket I think I will add a small stitched square for extra detail.

I figured out how to display bothe sides of the stitched squares as I think they are both great....the bag has a flat base and the real ones will be detailed and lovely with top stitching and a zipper in the top....I will use this for  the market and see how it feels.
Bags have to be big enough, but not tooo big otherwise you get a sore shoulder hauling too much around- you always fill to size don't you? not to what you should be carrying, deep enough but not too deep, too deep and you loose too many things....
I am a bit picky about my bags, I hate fishing around in all has to be just right and functional....
hmmm satisfaction..... I have the sections for my first jacket idea ready to goout to stitchers ....lots of lovely things coming on.....
a good side of thepower out is I get to a point where I can't do anything else inside the house so give my lovely garden a little more attention.
I need to pick up local customs a little more and instantly chill out if there is no incentive to keep getting going....

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robinfelt said...

I love the little bobbles decorating the edge. These are going to be wonderful Fiona!