Tuesday, March 01, 2011

little vingettes around home

 Had time to wander around and take stock yesterday....our place is coming along.
This is the entrance door- welcome. Notice the matki or water jar, keeps the water wonderfully cool and it is always ready for visitors arriving.
 I look at the walls and wonder how we should paint them...I really like the cement and all the mottled colours...Praveen doesn't seem to be in a rush to paint so I won't say anything.
 The entrance porch
 just love this space....we often spread a mat and eat out here in the evenings in hot weather
Just inside the entrance door
 I have taken to stacking some of our quilts around the place- we don't need them on our bed...but this way we get to see them....I had said to Praveen this is waht I was doing- reminders to us of the happy times we had travelling to find them and these stacked on the end of our lounge I roused on Praveen when he put he feet on them. so the new deal is they are out when we have visitors otherwise on a chair so he can slob properly.
 Mudcloth from Africa, stitched quilt made by our ladies, and handloom woollen shawl from Rajasthan
 Stitching from our Ladies and 2 quilts of re-cycled  textiles from Vietnam.
 Sweet peas from our garden
 Kerunda, a kind of Indian equivalent of cranberries. Very tasty, there were trees full of them last week and I meant to go and pick but did not get around to it.....when we got there yesterday the birds had had a feast and this was all that was left.....
Oh well a very tasty pickle it will be now...was intending some jam as well but it will have to wait until next year.
This week has power on in the mornings [well one hopes] and so far today not even a flicker....makes life a little more relaxed!
off to iron some silk to get ready for machine stitching before going to my Stitching Ladies....got a whole heap of bag squares assembled as well to go to the tailors to make my tote bags- zooming along!!

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