Thursday, June 02, 2011


Take time to spell the flowers
take time to know about people doing good things in the world, be inspired by them, do something no matter how small to emulate them.....
it is easy to be inspired if you let yourself, it is easy to make a difference to the overall picture by stepping up and being truely you- a hopeful, loving compassionate part of humanity.
I have recently read "The Banker to the Poor" the story of Muhammad Yunus, the guy who started the Grameen Bank, an institution that lends to the poor.
He observations on the poor are so profound, they don't need charity just an opportunity to get on with life.
READ this book, it will really move you and inspire you and broaden your understanding of the lives of so many of  your earthly neighbours.
Another recent read has been "Loosing my Virginity" by Richard Bransen, yet again another inspiring read. He is a business man, business is fun for him and always he has wanted to make a difference in the world, so he rolled the 2 into one occupation. His business have forced prices down across so many fields, making sure the average man got a better deal, and now he is stinking rich he is using that position and his enormous amount of creative energy to make a difference in the world as he always has done.
From Peter Gabriel and his dream a group came together to try and make a difference, speak when things needed to be said, keep our collective mind on important agendas- The group is called The Global Elders - it brings tears to my eyes just imagining being in their presence....inorurated by Nelson Mandela, full of people who have spent their lives trying to better humanity, they are so inspiring .
amazing people doing amazing things, so much to learn from them.....every one of us can do a little. :)