Saturday, July 09, 2011

delegating: an interesting concept

 Traffic on the way home near our place. These guys have walked all the way from Jodhpur 200-300 km grazing their flocks and taking advantage of the little bit of green that has sprung up from our one shwoer of rain.
Please pray for more to follow- each day we get the pressure build up, rumbling clouds, high, high, high  humidity but no actual rain. Oh well it will come at the right time.
I made a joke the other day to a mate- how do I tell my husband I am in love with 6 other men?
I said I fancied Sean Connery and Praveen can't listen to that- for goodness sake he is a movie star in some distant land!
Back to the 6 closer to hand, they work in our little owrkshop [yes we have already had to hire anther person] it is so good to have ideas and see them happen in front of you.
I am really starting to get the idea of delegating....why do something yourself when you can let someone else pick it up and run with it.
Bit scary though- I am a bit of a queen bee with everyone buzzing around- I hope I don't become tooo weird!!!
There is an art to delegating though and a huge responsibility. Choose wisely in who you give what to and be at hand to see how they are going. A system of checks and balances needs to be developed at the same time, not everyone has the same strengths nor the same weaknesses- assessing where people are at is sssoooo important.
Enjoyable and satisfying- my mind works at about a million miles an hour most of the time and then I have to develop the art of patience to get time to try things out.....still like that but now I am getting more time to focus on my side which is the development side and let others make samples for me [under direction] develop ways of implementing runs of work more efficiently, and all those things which brings satisfaction to us all. Praveen is really getting into it all too, we are confering a lot on the designs we are working on, he is starting to take a real shine to the whole business and learning how to do all the different things. He has really sunk his teeth into organizing our lines of quality, best prioces etc. Having topick up supplied in Delhi used to make him nervous, now armed with samples and designs in mind he is chomping at the bit to hit the market and I had to plead for him to wait for me to arrive and come with him.

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Ginny Huber said...

yes, delegating is tough, but necessary, especially with all you guys are attempting to do there. And here are some distant but heartfelt prayers for rain.